The Next Royal Pass M8 for PUBG Mobile and BGMI is set to be released on 18th February at 5:30 AM.

1.Play Date QBU Gun Skin on Elite RP Rank 1

2.Cactus Constable suit on RP Rank 1 and headgear on RP5

3.MagicBox Backpack on RP Rank 10

4.Moo Moo Grenade Skin on RP Rank 20

5.Play Date Plane Finish on RP Rank 30

6.Peak-Performance Scar-L Gun Skin Rank 40

7.Scarlet Ranger Set Mythic Outfit On RP Rank 50

The Free RP Consists of Following rewards as well:

RP 25: Sloppy Shirt (Free).

RP 30: Scarlet Ranger Emote.

RP 35: Eagle’s Will UMP45 Gun Skin (Free).

Additionally, the new update 1.8.5 was pushed into the game with following changes to the game:

1.Santorini 8v8 new TDM Map classic 2X2 Map

3.All new Jujutsu Kaisen character.

For more updates...Stay Tuned!!